Introducing Datesocial: A New Way to Meet People in DC


The other week, my wife and I were having outdoor drinks at a local restaurant, and the bar next door was hosting some kind of speed dating event. It looked lame as hell, but it also seemed like it was serving its purpose: against all odds, scores of singles were awkwardly meeting other singles. We half-jokingly said that we could come up with something better. Well, now we are: introducing datesocial, a fun, casual way to meet people in the Washington, DC area.

The problem with speed dating is that it’s awkward as hell. You’re lined up shoulder to shoulder, and you have, what, 4 minutes tops to make an impression on someone (and vice versa)? If you don’t hit it off, you’re stuck with that one person for what feels like an eternity. If you do hit it off, when the bell rings and everyone plays musical chairs, you’re forced to watch and listen while a new guy or gal hits on the object of your desire. No thank you. Online dating is even worse. If your profile sucks, you could be Ryan Gosling and not get any hits. Even if your profile game is solid, with so many people it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack made exclusively of needles. Datesocial is here to fix all that. Our official blurb:

No awkward speed dating, and no online profiles. Datesocial brings groups of guys and girls together to make meeting people fun and laid back, the way it should be.

At datesocial events, 20 guys and 20 girls are split into groups of four each. Register with up to three friends, or come stag (we’ll make sure you have a group). Each group of guys spends about 12 minutes talking to each group of girls – long enough to make an impression, but not so long as to make things awkward. At the end, turn in your card with up to 5 people you’d like to see again. If there’s a mutual match, we’ll re-introduce you via email within 24 hours.

Right now we’re working with bars in the DC area to secure fun venues and awesome drink specials. Enter your email address now at, and you’ll be among the first to know when we launch with our first event.

Unlike dating sites or quasi-dating services like Grouper, we don’t have the audacity to say that an algorithm can predict who you’ll hit it off with. Instead, we believe that people know themselves well enough to choose their own matches. If you find a match, great! If not, chances are you made some new friends, business contacts, etc. There’s always next time.

Right now we’re building a list of interested people prior to our first event. The best way you can help is a) sign up at if you’re in the DC area. There’s no cost or account to create, it’s just a mailing list for when we launch. b) share us with your friends. We’re on twitter and facebook, so follow us, give us a like, and share, share, share!

There’s nothing else like this out there, so we’re doing something big. We hope everyone’s as excited as we are.

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