I Am Not a Very Good Blogger


This is (allegedly) a blog, and by posting things to it that (allegedly) makes me a blogger. If post frequency is a component of being a successful blogger, then in that aspect I am failing miserably. I apologize to all half dozen or so of you who at one point regularly followed this website.

I last posted in November, and since then I’ve been busy with some stuff. I’ve published, I don’t know, maybe 10 new articles at AskMen.com in that time? I’ve also started working as an advice-giver over at HeTexted.com. If you’re a lady who has relationship issues, click over there and feel free to ask away. Don’t worry, all correspondence is totally anonymous. Just don’t click on any of the guys listed below me, because they all look like tools and from what I can gather never respond to any questions. I believe the site owners have plans to launch a similar site for guys called “SheTexted” sometime in the future. Given that men are known for our willingness to ask people for advice (particularly women), that should go over like gangbusters. I’ve also been pretty preoccupied with trying to find full-time employment, which seems to be ticking up in the last six weeks or so.

I promise to try to put a little more time into this moving forward. It’s not that I owe you anything (because I don’t), but I figure if I can entertain even one person for a few minutes every day, that’s better than nothing.

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